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Management in the Space Economy

Democratization in the use and exploration of Space


Committed to providing management services to implement Upstream and Downstream solutions.

The Commercial Space Age is here

New Space Economy


“The first step is to establish that something is possible, then it is likely to occur”

Elon Musk

Space an Opportunity for Economic Development

Space, as an inexhaustible resource, has been a strategic factor in contributing to the development of a nation, providing industry with competitiveness, growth and innovation, which today are essential for the world economy.

Credits: European Space Agency
Créditos: Talk TXSPLUS

The New Space Economy: "The trillion dollar business".

Credits: Morgan Stanley

New Space Economy Industry in the World

US$362 Billion in revenues

US$224 Billion Space Signatures

US$138 Billion in Infrastructure

Commercial Space Platforms
Successful Launches
Increase in Investment
Commercial Growth of the Sector

Space in the country

Development of Domestic Industry
Maximize Productive Operations

Operations planning (mining, forestry, others)

Updating of field information (cartographic).

Change detection, monitoring, zone cadastres.

Revolutionizing Economic Sectors

Industry readiness in the Space Economy.

Development of new business models.

Expansion of strategic capabilities.

Technology and Knowledge Transfer

Space Operations Training.

Technology implementation (ground stations)

Putting EO satellites into orbit (design-partnership)

Preparation for Astromineries.

Somos miembros del Clúster Nacional de la Industria Espacial Mexicana

The integration of Spacely a CNIEM representa una oportunidad única para fortalecer la colaboración y el apoyo mutuo entre las empresas, las instituciones, la academia y la sociedad civil, en el ámbito de la innovación y el desarrollo espacial

Podcast Corner

News section, interviews of the Space Ecosystem actors.

Promocionando Podcast De Otro Planeta

The podcast De otro planeta is designed for those who are curious about the Latin American and global space sector. Join me for a conversation with the protagonists of this new space age, where we will discuss their current role in the industry and how they see the future of space.

Spacely Corner

We seek to redefine Outer Space as an inexhaustible resource and strategic transformer of a Nation, close to human beings and potentially open to the growth and innovation of a country's economy. Spacely is a 'space' to demolish myths and paradigms that orbit around the exploration and exploitation of this vast place.


Articles and information related to the commercial activities in the use and exploration of Space.

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Because we want a Sustainable Future

We are committed to contributing to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)