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Management in the Space Economy

Democratization in the use and exploration of Space


We are pioneer Space Economy Managers in the country, committed to provide specialized services in the management of space projects.


The Commercial Space Age is here

Space Economics


“The first step is to establish that something is possible, then it is likely to occur”

Elon Musk

Space an Opportunity for Economic Development

Space, as an inexhaustible resource, has been a strategic factor in contributing to the development of a nation, providing industry with competitiveness, growth and innovation, which today are essential for the world economy.

Credits: European Space Agency
Créditos: Talk TXSPLUS

The New Space Economy: "The trillion dollar business".

Credits: Morgan Stanley

New Space Economy Industry in the World

US$362 Billion in revenues

US$224 Billion Space Signatures

US$138 Billion in Infrastructure

Commercial Space Platforms
Successful Launches
Increase in Investment
Commercial Growth of the Sector

Space in the country

Desarrollo de la Industria Nacional
Maximize Productive Operations

Operations planning (mining, forestry, others)

Updating of field information (cartographic).

Change detection, monitoring, zone cadastres.

Revolutionizing Economic Sectors

Industry readiness in the Space Economy.

Development of new business models.

Expansion of strategic capabilities.

Technology and Knowledge Transfer

Space Operations Training.

Technology implementation (ground stations)

Putting EO satellites into orbit (design-partnership)

Preparation for Astromineries.

programa piloto
Every child has dreamed of being an astronaut.

“The mind is like a parachute... it Only works if we have it open”.

Albert Einstein

The Space, a tool to educate and train Talent

The great challenge today is to prepare the new generations in the knowledge of Space and to achieve:

  1. Awaken interest and curiosity in students.
  2. Promote the development of competencies.
  3. Promote the knowledge and exploration of Space.
  4. Stimulate creativity, teamwork and respect.
  5. To inspire the study of careers associated with Space.
  6. Actively participate in Space Education.

Bridging the gap in education is possible with the participation of all stakeholders and the application of Spatial Economics Management.

We propose to work together and develop a Space Education Program with an interactive and experiential approach.

Partners and Ecosystem

Organizations that collaborate with each other in various areas in the Space Economy.

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Articles and information related to the commercial activities in the use and exploration of Space.

Because we want a Sustainable Future

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