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Important signing of agreement between Chile and Japan

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Signing of agreement

Spacely Chilea pioneer in the management of projects for the development of the space industry in Chile, and Manabu.devthe online learning platform that combines ESG with HRTech, have signed a collaboration agreement that will benefit both countries in the field of knowledge and innovation of startups and space projects.


The agreement will allow Manabu.dev users to access courses and content related to the space sector, as well as to obtain Manabu Badges that certify their competencies and skills. Likewise, Spacely Chile users will be able to take advantage of Manabu.dev to improve their training proposal in the Space Educational Program and its expansion in training.

The objective of the agreement is to promote cooperation between Chile and Japan in the Asia-Pacific area, as well as to strengthen the ties between both countries in the collaboration and advancement of knowledge, development and innovation in the space field.


Pablo Dueñas Rivera, CEO and founder of Spacely Chile, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement and highlighted the importance of education and technology for the development of the space industry. For his part, the representative of Manabu.dev, Pablo Riveros, stated that the agreement represents a unique opportunity to offer its users an innovative and relevant learning experience for the future through technological platforms designed in Japan.

The agreement has already entered into force and will focus mainly on the exchange of experiences for the development of a Pilot Space Education Program for the school community, which may also be integrated in the areas of education and training of national talent that will work in the sciences and use of Space.

If you want to know more details of the news, please visit the publication made on LinkedIn.