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Letter of Intent signed between USPACE and Spacely

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Signing of the Charter seeks strategic collaboration between both organizations

The signing of the letter of intent between USPACE and Spacely which seeks to establish a strategic relationship between both organizations and explore business in the aerospace field.

A Shared Aerospace Future

This approach marks a milestone in the national aerospace industry, since it seeks to combine the strengths of both companies to expand its global presence and promote technological innovation.

USPACE, with its vast experience and presence in international markets, and SPACELY, with its pioneering and regional approach, come together to create synergies that transcend borders.

Promotion of Innovation and Technology

The primary purpose of this collaboration is to leverage USPACE's expertise in industrial ecological chain management and SPACELY's vision for geoinformation solution development and project management.

Together, they aim to promote creativity and smart aerospace technology clusters, thus contributing to the advancement of the sector.

Benefits of Collaboration

The benefits of this association are multiple. For USPACE, it represents an opportunity to strengthen its global ecological chain partnership plan in South America and for SPACELY, it means the possibility of participating as a key player in the Global Space Industry and strengthening the integration of Latin America in this sector.

Furthermore, the cooperation promises to generate large-scale industrial value, develop marketing, global services and offer innovative solutions in the space field.

Finally, signing the letter of intent is not just a business possibility agreement; is a commitment to the future of space exploration and technology, with the potential to transform the industry and generate positive impact globally.