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About us

About Spacely


Spacely Ltda., is an initiative created in 2022, acquiring its legal personality that same year.

In 2023 it is officially constituted as part of professional services, being published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Chile.

Additionally, it is registered in the State Public Market and enabled as a supplier in the special registry of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (EMCO) and the Chilean Air Force (FACH).

Spacely Ltda., specializes in providing management services for the implementation of Upstream and Downstream solutions, that is, from the design of satellite services to ground segment operations.

Additionally, it administers and manages those initiatives that contribute to the development of geoinformation solutions or disruptive New Space projects in the country.

We have a multidisciplinary team with experience in areas such as cartography, geomatics, electronics, among other sciences.

Spacely is a pioneering service that aims to participate as an actor in the New Space and strengthen the integration of Latin America in the Global Space Industry.

We are members of the National Cluster of the Mexican Space Industry

The integration of Spacely CNIEM represents a unique opportunity to strengthen collaboration and mutual support between companies, institutions, academia and civil society, in the field of innovation and spatial development.


Contribute to the development of the national industry through the administration of space projects promoting investment in cutting-edge technology


Democratize the use of Outer Space to encourage the creation of a new economic sector and prepare the industry for the technological challenges in the operation and exploration of activities beyond the planet.

Meet the Team

Pablo Dueñas R.

Pablo Dueñas R.

Founding Partner and Administrator

Cristian Gallegos G.

Cristian Gallegos G.

Founding Partner and General Coordinator