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Linkage with the Space Industry

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Business Development in Space

Your Company or Business in Space?

Believe it or not, it is possible for companies or organizations to obtain benefits from space by designing and launching their own low-cost satellites.

How does it benefit my business?

If the company or organization uses satellite images for analysis or studies, there is the option of obtaining them with its own constellation, taking advantage of the country's geography. The added value is to perform the operations with installed technology and by a national professional team in an autonomous manner.

Case studies in the use of satellite imagery:

Energy (monitoring of gas pipelines, oil wells).

Mining (exploitation of deposits, exploration).

Infrastructure (roads, airports, ports).

Agriculture (crop monitoring, vegetation analysis, precision).

Environment (natural disasters, deforestation, climate change)

Security (border monitoring, prevention of natural disasters)

    What else can I do?

    A proprietary constellation can offer an asset tracking service (aircraft, vessels, land fleet) for those companies or organizations dedicated to the Logistics, Aeronautics or Shipping industries.

    Our country has a rugged geography or "blind" areas where communication is lost, here plays an important role small satellites, which cover these "blind" areas and deliver the positioning of the asset.

    What other service can I get?

    How about owning a constellation of small satellites providing Internet service?

    The IoT or Internet of Things (Internet of Things) concept has driven 5G connections, however the current technology does not cover certain areas, losing connection or signal stability.

    Small satellites can cover remote areas and deliver a stable connection and have the technology on the ground to make the link.

      Can I experiment with space technology?

      Of course, if you have a scientific project that you want to put into orbit, we can manage with suppliers who have experience in taking it into space. We also take care to encourage the participation of academia and I2D entities.

      Can I configure my satellite?

      That's right, depending on the requirements of the company or organization and the use or services you want to develop, we can manage the custom design.

      What if I dare to learn how to build my own satellite?

      You can do it anyway, the knowledge is fundamental for the National Talent to design and operate their own satellite with a training program in space engineering.